'Advice' Forum rules.

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'Advice' Forum rules.

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:55 pm


This Forum is for advice on unrelated topics. To keep this forum user friendly we ask you to follow some simple rules when posting or creating a thread.

1. Please be respectful to members who seek advice on topics. This forum is for members aged 13+. Some users may have little experience and may be wanting help on unrelated topics, so we ask you to be civil.
2. Abusive and racial language towards any user will not be tolerated.
3. Advertising of any sort is prohibited in this forum. If any threads are made advertising any product or a site, whether related to Advice or not, these will be deleted.
4. Please try to remain on topic when posting replies. Any spam will be removed and/or sent to Everything Else Forum where spam is allowed.
5. Please remember that when seeking advice, you may not hear what you're wanting to hear. Differences of opinions will occur; please respect that. Also, users should try to be as sensitive as they can and not offend the user who is asking for advice.
6. We welcome threads that pertain to this Forum. Please be realistic if you decide to post some Advice on your experiences that will maybe help some users. Again, we ask you to be civil.

REMEMBER: Advice given in this Forum is NOT from professionals. We're just regular users who will contribute in helping you with advice, either through our own experiences and opinions.


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