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Post by Katie on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:42 pm

Post pictures at your own risk! By posting pictures of yourself you are potentially putting yourself at risk to harsh and critical views. Users should know beforehand that if they post their pictures, moderators cannot be held responsible for anyone else's opinions. This is a public forum and everyone is indeed entitled to their own views - even if it may be one you don't want to hear.

However! Continuous trolling, harassment and use of derogatory terms is not acceptable and will be deleted.

1. You must now have a minimum of 10 posts to post your picture here!

2. If your pictures are found to be fakes, your thread will get deleted.

3. Please also keep all conversations to a minimum. Comment on what is relevant to the user's pictures. If you'd like to chat with another user, do so via PMs, VMs or EE.

4. Any conversation off topic as well as double-posting (posts by the same user following one after the other without interruption) will be considered spam, and therefore will be deleted.

5. Please remember when posting that younger users may also use this forum, so keep your swearing and sexual content to an absolute minimum!

6. Any pictures containing weapons, nudity or inappropriate content will be removed. You may also be banned.

7. Do not post anyone's picture without their permission. If this is done, the post will be removed. Additionally, if someone has posted your picture in this forum without your consent, please PM one of the moderators below.

8. If members wish to post their pictures, please create a new thread. When updating pictures, please add to your EXISTING thread and do not create a new one. If you don't want to bump your old thread, then PM a Mod or Admin it'll be deleted so you can create a new one.

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